Timeline experience
Video & Web Freelancer
Sharewood Agency  Project Manager
LiveMon  Marketing
New York break
POP’n link  Employee #1
Lyon - France
Lyon - France
I started my career early, by deciding to start my own business rather than spending long years in school. This was the best way for me to fulfil my passion and also learn my trade while building a customer base.
I started as a freelancer by making videos, developing websites and building social network communication strategies.
I partnered with a digital agency as customer relations and project manager.
I lived 3 months of adventure in New York, to meet entrepreneurs and find new ideas.
I joined LiveMon, a startup developing a server monitoring tool. I was in charge of the creation of the first marketing plan and the product launch.
Now I work with startup on missions of Product Designer, Marketing and Customer success.
New York City - USA
Paris - France
Paris - France
Lyon - France
Design in my work
My definition of design
Design is a work process to create: product, service, system, object… This process is human-centric, understanding human needs, human behaviors, human problems. And think of a global solution in the most logic way to create an elegent anwser to solve problems and improve life.
My design commandments
Design is a state of mind
Not a specific skill
Design something unique
Find original way
Design with a goal
Don’t make design just because it’s a fashion
Design something unexpected
Search for the surprise
Design something accessible
Accessible to everyone
Design everything
Any problem can be solved with design
Design something cool
Not necessarily beautiful
Design something we love
Not just something we need
The golden triangle
How create something innovative.
What is possible with technology.
What is a fair business model.
What serves the users.
The way it works
The way to make a profit
The way it feels
Work use case
Acquisition strategy
Event planning
Press relation
Startup Pitch
Video Making
Pitch the product, create marketing and customer acquisition plan. Able to develop all the marketing support: website, print, video to create a powerful marketing.
I also organize many press events and tech-shows like Las Vegas CES, TechCrunch SF, VivaTech…
Feed-back analyse
Support exprerience
Happiness experience
Customer success
Customer success is the last indispensable step to improve product and marketing continuously. Also, manage the support experience is so important to keep users happy.
Product Manager
UX Design
Design Thinking
UI conception
Product Owner
Product Design
From understanding and analysing the problem to designing a complete UX. Create UI and manage the developement of the product with a developer team.
Uh… UX / UI Designer, Marketer, Project Owner… I never understand why you have to have a job title to constrain your potentiality, why you have to stay in a box. I created and participated in many different kinds of projects and startups. I learn new skills when I need to, I cultive this multi-skill profile. I try to connect the dots to create something makes sense.
About my work
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